Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is Zpodlink Cable?

A) The zpodlink cable can work by just inserting the one end to your ipod headphone, and the RCA to your XOD unit, it will display Video and Audio if not automatically play, on the main menu press the aux button to start playing, if your ipod video is purchase before September 2007 it will support the video and audio but if purchase your ipod video after September 2007 or it falls under fifth generation it will only support audio. The zpodlink cable can be used with any ipod since you just connect it through you ipod headphone.

Q) How do I connect Zpodlink?

A) The connection will be the headphone jack will be connected to your ipod headphone jack, then the RCA cable will be connected to the back of your XOD unit, connect the RED and WHITE RCA to aux RCA at the back of your XOD and the yellow RCA connect it to the yellow RCA in the Center on the upper portion. then on your head unit on the main menu press the aux and it will work.

Q) The In-Dash Player does not hold memory everytime I turn off my car and I turn on my car it losses my save settings.

A) Make sure that the yellow wire has a constant power even if your car is turned off.

Q) How do I dim my In-dash player display?

A) Press and hold the mute button until the display dim out and vice versa.

Q) What are the maximum capacity of SD card and USB Flash drive compatible with the In-dash Unit?

A) The maximum capacity is 2GB only.

Q) What is the Parental Code for the In-Dash player?

A) The default code is 3308.

Q )How do I charge my MP3?

A) The MP3 Player Charges through your Computer USB Port.

Q) How Long Do I Charge my MP3?

A) The initial charge for your MP3 is around 4hrs and the succeding charge is around 2hrs.

Q) The MP3 Player wont hold a charge.

A) If your MP3 Player has been drain out, when charging slide the "On/Off" Button to "On" position and let it charge for 4hrs.

Q) How do I put music to my MP3 Player?

A) After connecting the MP3 player to your computer, wait for few minutes until your computer recognize your MP3 player as removable disk, then you can just drag and drop your music or files.

Q) When I plug my MP3 Player there is an error "USB not recognized...".

A) Try different usb cable or different usb port.

Q) My songs will only play for 20 seconds? (X120AUD2GB and X120AUD4GB)

A) Your player is in PREVIEW mode - please change it to NORMAL mode (Setting - Play Mode - Normal)

Q) My MP3 Player will not turn on and when I charge the unit no display and not recognize by the computer.

A) For X120AUD2GB Click Me

A) For X120AUD4GB Click Me